Modern Wedding Registries

Like many things in the world of weddings, traditional registries and the things that were once considered poor etiquette are turning into a thing of the past. Today’s brides don’t have to register for things they don’t really want- like china or a third toaster.

Here are some alternative ideas for the less traditional couple:

For couples that still need things but not necessarily the things you get from Bed Bath and Beyond… This site allows couples to register for any item on any website.

For the couples that love experiences… the site allows couples to register for things like dinners out or surf lessons on their honeymoon.


For the couples that are remodeling dream homes… Home Depot and Lowes have a gift registry.

For the couples that really feel like they have it all… ask for family and friends to give books or movies that they find meaningful.

For the couples that love to shop local… ask your favorite boutiques and small shops if they have any options to do a gift registry. They might make special exceptions to accommodate.

For the exceptionally charitable couple… ask guests to donate to your favorite charity in your names. You can also register for charities you like at

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For the couples that just want some cash… registering on a site like offers a classier way to ask for the thing people really want. 


By Laura Kohnen