8 unique hotels perfect for honeymooners

So you're starting to plan the honeymoon and your search results are full of all-inclusive mega resorts. If a massive cookie-cutter resort with wristbands, techno poolside music, and overcrowded bars isn't your cup of tea, check out this list of romantic boutique hotels around the world.

1. Azulik Hotel and Maya Spa in Tulum, Mexico- This adult-only, clothing-optional lodge is set in the jungle with tree houses overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The eco-resort implements self-sustainability systems. The rooms have minimal electricity and are lit with candlelight creating a magical ambiance perfect for a romantic getaway.


2. GoldenEye Hotel in Oracabessa, Jamaica- All of the villas and cottages at GoldenEye come with private porches with views of the lagoon or the Caribbean. They also come with private outdoor showers (and some have bathtubs). Nothing brings you closer to nature than showering in the open air. It's a fact. Also, it was here where Ian Fleming dreamt up James Bond, 007, hence the name GoldenEye.


3. Perivolas Hotel in Oia, Greece- This idyllic hotel is made up of restored 300 year old caves that used to be the homes of local fishermen and farmers. The 30 individualized suites overlook the Aegean Sea and there's an infinity pool that's perfect for relaxing and enjoying the view. 


4. Juniper Hotel and Bistro in Banff, Canada- If mountains and wilderness are your jam, look no further than Banff National Park.  At Juniper Hotel and Bistro you'll have panoramic views of the Canadian Rockies and can enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, canoeing, and horseback riding. Bonus: This hotel is more budget-friendly than some of the others on this list.

Nearby Lake Louise

Nearby Lake Louise


5. La Chèvre d'Or in Éze, France- Located on the French Riviera, Éze is a small medieval village known for it's beauty and charm. Its many art galleries, shops, and restaurants attract tourists and honeymooners from all over. Rooms at La Chèvre d'Or are decorated with elegant furniture and have spectacular views of the Mediterranean.  Celebs like to dine at Chèvre d'Or Restaurant during the Cannes Film Festival. 


6. Phi Phi The Beach Resort in Phi Phi Don, Thailand- Phi Phi Don is an island that is famous for being the location where "The Beach" was filmed.  Visitors go here to enjoy the breathtaking blue water and participate in various water activities like snorkeling, diving, and kayaking. Phi Phi The Beach Resort is a 2.5 hour ride from Phuket and the rooms feature tiki wood furnishings and private balconies. 


7. Sultan Cave Suites in Cappadocia, Turkey- Cappadocia is known for it's fairytale landscape with unusual formations that have been carved out by ancient eruptions and erosion. The formations are known as fairy chimneys and today houses and hotels have been carved out of the rock. 


8. Treehouse Lodge in Yucuruche, Peru- Located in the Amazon Rainforest near the Pacaya Samiria Reserve, the Treehouse Lodge offers rooms high up in the treetop canopy where you'll enjoy watching monkeys and birds at eye level. And not to worry, you won't have to forgo any of the comforts we enjoy on the ground. Each bungalow has running water and fresh clean linens. 

treehouse lodge2.jpg