How Juno Bridal Came to Be

I get asked the same question almost every day. What made you want to open a bridal shop? So here's how it all went down...

During and after college I was always confused about what I wanted to do. Not only did I switch majors 3 times (business, interior design, nursing) but I also switched colleges 3 times (Mizzou, Maryville, Saint Louis University). I finally decided to get my degree in nursing because it was a practical thing to do, but not necessarily because it was something I was passionate about. After college I moved to Los Angeles because I loved everything about Southern California: the relaxed lifestyle, the beach, the perfect weather... I lived there for 6 years working as a nurse but I always had it in the back of my head that one day I would start my own small business. The problem I had for a long time was figuring out what kind of business I wanted to start. Eventually I made the decision to quit my job, move back to St. Louis, and figure it out.


While brainstorming what I was going to do I remembered about a year earlier going wedding dress shopping with my sister in St. Louis. I was surprised because I thought there would be so many dresses that I would love, but there were almost none. Everything seemed too bedazzled or too poofy. I remembered having a hard time finding any simple gowns that were still unique in some way.


From there the idea grew. I looked online and found lots of designers I loved and none of their dresses were being sold in St. Louis. I remember starting to think seriously about opening a bridal boutique just a couple weeks before bridal market in New York (It happens every October) and on a whim I bought a plane ticket. I flew out to New York with no idea what I was doing. I went to one of the shows and met with designers and felt very intimidated and confused but also so excited. Then I came back to St. Louis, found a retail space, signed a lease, and went from there. It has now been a year and a half since Juno Bridal opened and I am so happy I did it!


Photos by Jess and Jenn Photography

Photos by Jess and Jenn Photography