Meaghan and Ryan's Wedding


1. How did you and your spouse meet?

We actually met on Tinder! Then we went out to dinner and the rest was history.

2. Where was your wedding?

The Ely Walker Building in downtown St. Louis, on Washington Ave.


3. What song did you dance to for your first dance?

Always There When I Need You by Salt Cathedral. We went to a small concert two years ago and this band opened for the headliner. We ended up really liking this song by them!


4. What are some ways you made your wedding unique or special?

We had our wedding party do something funny when they walked down the aisle after the ceremony. Some chugged beers, some hit their Juuls, and my maid of honor jumped on his best man's back and they ran down the aisle piggyback! We also had an amazing officiant who made the ceremony very personal and unique. She had us read The Five Love Languages and we met with her several times to discuss what we learned about each other through the book.


5. Would you have done anything differently?

Not stressed so much beforehand!! I wish I would've chilled out a bit, because I was too worried about everything being perfect. Totally didn't need to worry at all!


6. What was your favorite part of the day?

The entire day was amazing so it's hard to pick a favorite part. But, some favorites were getting ready and hanging out with my bridesmaids, getting our pictures taken, the walk down the aisle, dancing with my friends and husband, and when my sister gave me a scrapbook she put together with the help of my friends. That brought me to tears!

Photos by Whitney Shea Photography